Sunday, August 28, 2011

when you do it, always use protection... i like to keep my socks on!!!

when you work in pencil, you have to work as clean as possible. i find that old socks work great! you can cut out the elastic end to use over your hand and the remainder can be used to protect the rest of the portrait. the main reason that i do this is so i can still rest my hand on the paper for support without transferring the oils or dirt from my hand to the paper (heaven forbid that my hand should be dirty)  important to note; you still, even though protected, need to avoid contact with the graphite, it will smear. you will notice that in this picture, i have an extension... on the end of the pencil!!! i said in an earlier post that i would explain that when i was good and ready... well... I'm not!!!...
come back next time and i will show you a couple of ways to set up a line drawing... can you stand the excitement??!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

ahh haa... comin' together

soooo...... now you can see the mad plan. with a little help from our old friend, photo explosion, we can manipulate the images and get a real good idea of what we want our finished piece to look like... with a little patience and a steady hand we just might make it look like our vision!!! come back again to see how to set this up and get started!!!        (and may the force be with you)

Saturday, August 13, 2011

I'm gonna do something to the bride...not that!!!!...well maybe...

this is the lovely lady that played the bride of Frankenstein...Elsa lanchester. over the last few years i have been doing a series called "the face behind the monster" the idea being that the person that portrayed the monster would be featured behind their creation... ( get it?... behind...  the actor is behind...   i draw the actor too...  with the.........oh forget it!!!) anyway... come back to see how i will merge the actress with her monster!! it doesn't get any more exciting than this...

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Let's get started!!!

First and foremost you have to find something to draw...duh...sounds pretty basic. but the subject matter is so must be something that inspires you!! if not, three things could happen. 1... you might not have fun doing it. that's the point. right? (it is for me) 2... if it's something that doesn't interest you, you're not likely to finish it. 3... if you do finish it you probably won't like it.

You have seen from my work that I have a wide variety of subject matter that i draw but i do have a favorite...                        monsters!!!

               you have to come back to see what i have in mind for the bride!!!

                                       No... not that  (you sick puppies)