Saturday, July 30, 2011

OK...OK... So I lied !!!!

I can't show the newest portrait that I'm working on because it is a Christmas present for someone ( a surprise you know... shhhhh ) BUT, I CAN take you through the process with another piece that I am putting aside ...for now. I will finish it when the other one that I can't show you is done.

This is EVERYTHING that I use to create a portrait... for the most part...
1- 70 lb, acid free, bright ,white medium tooth, drawing paper
2- clean cloths (old socks)
3- magifying glass
4- pencil sharpener
5- sanding board
6- two sizes of stick eraser
7- #2 blender
8- mechanical pencil w/ B2 .05 lead
9- loose stick eraser
10- H4 pencil in an extender (I will explain the reason for this later) You can't wait... I know...
11- post it pad used as a pallet

I am aware that # 10 in this list is going to keep you awake all night...  You'll be tossing and turninig thinking... OMG... WHAT DOES HE DO WITH THAT?... why won't he just frikin' tell me now??!!!! I'm going to have to take a xanax to get to sleep!!!!!!!

well... you'll just have to wait 'till i feel like telling you...    not now!!!    see ya next time...

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