Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Time to get back to monster makin'...soon!!

 I haven't been too active on this blog for a while now because I have been working on this (top secret) portrait... Christmas present you know... I used my sister-in-law for the model. We took our own reference photos and played w/ some backgrounds in a paint program. It took me about 120 working hrs to actually draw this...
 I have a lot of drawings planed for this year (cough...cough...hack...choke) Including some noir fairies, a classic movie star, and of course... monsters!!!!!
Don't forget to check out our etsy and artfire shops for new products this year also...links are on each side of this blog <  >
And remeber... " Doing nothing is very hard to do...you never know when you're finished."


  1. longlivethestones@msn.comJanuary 3, 2012 at 11:19 PM

    Well then...Happy Blogday...as well as Happy Birthday! Whew! Got it in there in time! We have, oh, so many holidays, and days of remembrance to celebrate now...I suggest all of us take a week off to do it together! May magic continue to fly from the point of your pencil so that we will all continue to get goosebumps from your talent and wit! We love you more than the English language has been able to come up with words to convey! (Your family is rather cool, too!)
    Love, Love, Love...Vanessa and Stevie D

  2. Much thanks to you both... May the new year find you healthy, happy and every other "h" word that is a good thing!! Hanging out together is another good "h" word... Let's try to do more or it this year!!!

  3. Amazing picture!! Happy Birthday again we hope you had an awesome day! :) Love, Ian and Trish

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  5. That was suppose to say p.s I love fairies, I can hardly wait to see your work with them :) missed a few letters lol

  6. Yup...well... i'm missing a few brain cells...
    thanks for the birthday wishes. we love you guys too!!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday Uncle Steve! Can't wait to see all the new stuff this year, and this girl is really hoping for Audrey Hepburn :)
    Love you! -Jenna

  8. Thanks for the b-day wish - Ms. hepburn just might be the movie star in question... time will tell...love ya back!!!